Wheelchair Accessible Native Grasslands Hike

Come join us for an off-trail wheelchair accessible native grasslands hike on December 31st, 2023. This hike will be limited to 2 visitors and caregivers as we kick-off our statewide First Hike Series for Tennessee State Parks and State Natural Areas. Visitors attending may choose to utilize their own wheelchair or utilize one of our two automated wheelchairs that will be made available for free for this off-trail hike. To reserve one of these two automated wheelchairs, please contact Lyndy Maness at Lyndy.maness@tn.gov or 615-373-3467.

We will meet at the Walter Criley Visitor Center at 2:00 pm, then hike along Otter Creek Road to the Hall Farm where we will go off trail to experience firsthand the restored 40+ acres of native grasslands and the wildlife within it as part of our resource management focus at Radnor Lake. All ages. Registration is required, free and only for visitors who utilize wheelchairs and their caregivers. Please note that pets are not allowed on this hike.

Any visitors with special needs or sign language assistance please contact Park Manager Steve Ward at Steve.Ward@tn.gov.

To register, please go to: