Serving Radnor Lake Since 1971

Friends of Radnor Lake was founded in 1971 by a group of concerned citizens when the lake and surrounding hills were threatened by residential development. Friends of Radnor Lake raised funds from the community to purchase and protect the beautiful, untouched land that is the central portion of Radnor Lake State Natural Area (RLSNA). Their effort to “Save Radnor Lake” also solidified the creation of a key piece of legislation, the State Natural Areas Preservation Act of 1971, which was signed into law by Governor Winfield Dunn, and created special protections for the land that became Radnor Lake State Natural Area, Tennessee’s first Natural Area.

Geese in Radnor Lake

Over the years, the Friends of Radnor Lake board has supported the park in a myriad of ways, providing funding for key projects and ongoing needs that fall outside of the State’s budget. Friends of Radnor Lake is proud to be able to support the ongoing preservation and protection of the Radnor Lake State Natural Area with funding provided by individual donors, private foundations, and government grants. As a 501c3 nonprofit organization, Friends of Radnor Lake is able to accept charitable contributions and use those funds for programs and initiatives at Radnor Lake State Park and State Natural Area that contribute to the health and longevity of the park environment.