Weed Wrangle Kick-Off at Radnor Lake

Radnor Lake State Natural Area needs your help! As part of our resource management plan and focus at Radnor Lake in 2024, we are offering a second day of invasive-exotic plant removal with our partners from Vanderbilt-Dyer Observatory. on February 24th (8am-11am) to kick off the statewide Weed Wrangle 2024.

We are in need of volunteers to work with Park Manager Steve Ward as part of a $50,000 Iris Fund Monies Grant received in December 2023 for the contract removal of invasive-exotic bush honeysuckle. This work includes dragging, piling and clearing dense stands of bush honeysuckle after contract stump cut removal/treatment is completed prior to February 24th.

This project area is a critical part of our joint vegetative research with Dr. Robert Loeb at Penn State University since 2014 on a unique plant called Wild Dill (Perideridia americana) which emerges in March each spring and is out competed by exotic invasive plants such as bush honeysuckle.

Volunteers are needed who can hike ½ a mile to our work site on uneven terrain and are asked to wear good hiking shoes. Please meet on February 24th at 8am at Dyer Observatory (1000 Oman Drive) to work with Park Manager Steve Ward for 2-3 hours off-trail.

Bottled water, tools and gloves will be provided thanks to Friends of Radnor Lake. Registration is required and limited to 20 volunteers. Ages 14 and up.

Due to the location of the work assistance needed, restrooms will not be available on-site for this unique hike/volunteer event, so volunteers are asked to prepare in advance of arrival at 8am.

Special thanks to Vanderbilt-Dyer Observatory for allowing us access and parking so we can conduct this resource management focused volunteer day!

To register for this special volunteer opportunity, please visit the following link: