Weed Wrangle 2021 at Radnor Lake State Natural Area

10 volunteers came to Radnor Lake this morning to work with our park ranger staff on pulling invasive-exotic plants on the Lake Trail.  Our focus for our Weed Wrangle Event today was to pull invasive bush honeysuckle and privet between bench #9 and Bench 10 as volunteers worked with Ranger Will Brazill to help us restore this area back to it’s native vegetative state.

Thank you to our volunteers who came to help us today (8am-noon) on this resource management priority at Radnor Lake and special thanks to Friends of Radnor Lake for providing bottled water along with a great lunch from Jason’s Deli in Brentwood for our 2021 Weed Wrangle!

Our Weed Wrangle Event today capped off our final day of Invasive Plant Week at Radnor Lake which consisted of 6 days of volunteers working with our park staff along the South Lake, South Cove, Historic Valve House, and Lake Trail.  Thank you to all of our volunteers, park staff and Friends of Radnor Lake for their work-support to make all of this possible as we close out our 3rd annual Invasive Plant Week at Radnor Lake!