The Big Payback – We reached our goal!!

We have great news!! Thanks to the support of our community, and with a HUGE amount of thanks to the Barbara J. Mapp Foundation for their enduring commitment to Radnor’s aviary program and for their inspirational $5,000 match grant, we exceeded our goal and expectations and raised $22,475 this week! Every donation felt like a love letter to Radnor as everyone worked together to make sure we have the funds necessary to care for the birds of prey at the Barbara J. Mapp Aviary Education Center at Radnor.
Here are three reasons why the Big Payback is so important:

1. Golden eagle (non-releasable due to being blind in her left eye) in her enclose enjoying a sunrise at the Barbara J. Mapp Aviary Center. She has been under our care since December 2018. She is a gentle giant with up to 1,300 lbs of force in her grip!

2. Our black vulture LOVES the heat lamp which was funded by past Big Payback donations. He is with us due to being hit by a vehicle and is non-releasable because of those injuries. He is a park visitor favorite and the smartest bird we have ever had the privilege to care for at Radnor!
3. Eagle #2 who came to us in November 2016 after being shot and is unable to be released into the wild due to her injuries. She is 9 lbs., 2 ounces of awesome and the bedrock of our eagle program!
Thank you for your continued support of these birds of prey…it is greatly appreciated!