Sunset Viewing with a State Park Ranger at Radnor Lake State Natural Area, Friday, October 29th (6pm-7pm)

As the days get shorter as we head into peak fall season, the park staff at Radnor Lake want to extend a unique viewing opportunity after hours for our visitors to fully enjoy sunset (5:55pm) just 8 miles from the center of downtown Nashville.

Radnor Lake State Natural Area will be offering a free opportunity for visitors to stay until 7pm (after our regular hours-20 minutes after sunset) to fully enjoy sunset with the safety of a state park ranger to view, hear and enjoy the natural area as the day closes out.

This is a trial run for us offering a special ranger led sunset viewing on Otter Creek Road at Radnor Lake which often includes Canadian Geese and other migratory waterfowl arriving during the last minutes of daylight. Rangers will also set up spotting scopes starting at 6pm to view American bald eagles and/or any other wildlife on the lake. Participants can line up their folding chair in one lane of Otter Creek Road and simply enjoy the end of the day at the natural area!
This special viewing opportunity will take place on the causeway (intersection of Hall Drive and Otter Creek Road) which is a phenomenal spot to enjoy sunset in the natural area.

On-line registration is required and limited to 20 participants of all ages. All children under 16 must be supervised by an adult. Insect repellent, a folding chair, flashlight for the walk back to your vehicle, binoculars and bottled water are recommended. Due to the safety of all of our visitors, unregistered participants will be unable to attend this program after closing time (6:30pm).