Sunset & Harvest Moon Wheelchair Accessible Hike

Come join us for a sunset hike on Thursday, September 28th (6:00pm-8:00pm) along Otter Creek Road to get the first glimpse of the Harvest Moon. This hike will be limited to 15 visitors to include caregivers and begin at the Walter Criley Visitor Center.

Park Manager Steve Ward will be leading a 2-hour hike on Otter Creek Road during sunset (6:33pm) to enjoy the wildlife and scenery of the Radnor Lake State Natural Area located just 8 miles from downtown Nashville.

Weather permitting, we should also get the first glimpse (around 7:30pm) of the 2023 Harvest Moon from the Caretaker’s Residence on the dam at Radnor Lake before heading home for the night!

This hike is for all ages. On-line registration is free but required for this event and will be limited to only visitors who utilize wheelchairs and their caregivers.

In addition, any visitors in need of a wheelchair reservation to use 1 of our 3 automated wheelchairs (3 different options) or any other accommodations for the hike, please contact Lyndy Maness at or at 615-373-3467.

No fee is required to utilize one of our automated wheelchairs, but a reservation is required 24-48 hours in advance to ensure they are fully charged in advance of the hike.

To register, please go to:

Option 1
Option 2
Option 3