Radnor Lake Trees to Trails 2020

As part of our Go Green Sustainability Efforts at Radnor Lake park visitors can start dropping off/recycling their Christmas Trees at the West Parking Area today thru February 1st. This is known as our annual Trees to Trails program, where we are able to recycle our neighbors/park visitors Christmas Trees into mulch that will be installed on our park trails in the coming two months. This not only helps us with a high quality mulch for our trails, it reduces landfill waste and provides an opportunity for our park visitors/neighbors to reduce transportation miles to dispose of these trees.
Thank you to all of our neighbors and park visitors who have supported this effort in the past as we recycled over 500+ Christmas Trees last year that were used as trail mulch on the Lake Trail at Radnor Lake.
Special thank you to Jonathon Cummings and staff with Clean Earth Collections for their help again this year by donating their service to chip up all of our donated trees at Radnor Lake! For protection of the natural area, wildlife and park visitor use along with respect for everyone’s time involved with this process we do have some criteria for these donated trees to our Trees to Trails Program below:
• No nails or bolts
• No metal hooks or wire of any kind
• No stands or partial stands
• No frosted trees
• No ornaments, lights, tinsel or decorations
• No wreaths or garland
For the safety of our wildlife and everyone involved with our Trees to Trails efforts we are not able to accept any trees that are not meet this criteria.
Thank you in advance for your donation and for taking the additional time to ensure it is safe so we can continue to offer this recycling opportunity at Radnor Lake!
How can you help?
In the coming two months, we will begin installing these recycled trees on the Lake and Spillway Trails. Volunteers and volunteer groups are needed to help with our mulching efforts now thru March 1st. Our next public Volunteer Days to work with the park ranger staff installing our recycled tree mulch on our trails will be on Friday, January 24th (1pm-4pm) and on Friday, February 28th (1pm-4pm). Any volunteer groups wanting to schedule a day to assist the park staff with this effort, please contact Lyndy Maness at lyndy.maness@tn.gov.
Thank you to Friends of Radnor Lake for supporting our volunteer efforts in 2020, there are 19 public volunteer dates with times posted under the volunteer tab for anyone wanting more information on our upcoming volunteer efforts at Radnor Lake.
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