Radnor Lake Program at the City of Forest Hills – Thursday, August 23rd

“Bringing Radnor Lake Wildflowers Into Your Own Back Yard”
Radnor Lake’s Steve Ward addresses our neighborhood environment August 23
Radnor Lake park manager Steve Ward speaks on “Bringing Radnor Lake wildflowers into your own back yard” Thursday, August 23, at Forest Hills City Hall at 5:30 p.m.
This is the third in a series of lectures hosted by the City’s Cultural and Natural Resources Committee to educate and entertain community residents.
“With fall just around the corner we’re anticipating the amazing wildflowers native to our area,” said Linda Kartoz-Doochin, chair of the Committee.
“We are so honored to have Steve Ward join us to talk about the wonderful fall wildflowers and events at Radnor Lake, the new prairie land project, the special wildflower mix at Radnor, and how we can incorporate these special elements into our own back yards. We hope to inspire our residents to learn more about where we live and the natural flora that surrounds us.”
The evening at Forest Hills City Hall begins with a meet and greet from 5-5:30 p.m. The one-hour program is followed by a Q&A.
Space is limited to the first 75 registered Forest Hills residents.
Radnor Lake State Park is a 1,332-acre park that includes more than six miles of trails strictly used for hiking, photography, and wildlife observation. It’s perfect for nature enthusiasts to observe owls, herons and water fowl as well as many species of amphibians, reptiles and mammals such as mink and otter. Hundreds of species of wildflowers, mosses, fungi, ferns and other plants as well as trees, shrubs and vines add to the natural ecological diversity of the area. Several ranger-led programs are planned throughout the year including canoe floats, wildflower walks, astronomy night hikes, nature hikes, programs on snakes, off-trail land acquisition hikes, and birds of prey. RADNOR LAKE
Thursday, August 23
City Hall
Space is limited to the first 75 registered Forest Hills residents.
To register, please go to:
Speaker Steve Ward has been park manager at 1,332-acre Radnor Lake State Natural Area since December 2001. He is a native of Donelson with his first visit to Radnor Lake in 1978 thanks to his elementary teacher Ms. Margaret Mann. Ward is a USMC veteran and a graduate of MTSU with a BS degree in geoscience. He has been a ranger with Tennessee State Parks since 1995.