Please Do Not Disturb the Fawns

Picture above by Charlie Tallent


Have you seen a fawn on your hike or in your yard? White-tailed deer often protect their young from predators such as dogs or coyotes by hiding them in a variety of areas. The fawn is often left for periods of time by the doe(mother); this is normal.
Regardless of what you have been told or heard, the mother is not dead or has not abandoned the fawn. The doe leaves the immediate area for up to several hours to forage and tend to her own needs periodically, but remains within calling distance of the fawn. More than likely, you will never see the adult deer (doe) near the fawn except during nighttime hours.
Unfortunately, fawns are often killed by domestic dogs and/or displaced by visitors at Radnor Lake who interrupt this natural cycle during this time of year.
If you come upon a fawn and it is alone, please remember that this is a natural occurrence. If you would like to help, ensure your dog is on a leash/controlled at all times, keep any domestic pets away from the area the fawn was seen and please do not touch the fawn at anytime!
Thank you for your help with this annual event and enjoy viewing from a distance while nature takes it’s course.