Middle Tennessee Cultural Geography Summit at Radnor Lake State Natural Area

Saturday November 15, 2014 Radnor Lake State Natural Area and Friends of Radnor Lake were host to regional geographers from K-12, community colleges and MTSU.  The meeting dealt with topics such as changing geography curriculum, Tennessee Promise and the state of geography within the greater Nashville metro.  After lunch, which was provided by the FORL, the group hiked the new Historic Valve House Trail to see contributions MTSU geography students provided to the interpretation of the historic archeology, public history and human/land interactions of the trail area.  Geographers in attendance at the meeting were:

  • Mr. Keith Bell from Volunteer State Community College
  • Dr. James Chaney from MTSU 
  • Mr. Rene Bataille from Nashville State Community College
  • Dr. Deborah Miller from Columbia State Community College
  • Dr. Fernado Gonzalez from MTSU
  • Dr. Doug Heffington from MTSU
  • Ms. Kristi Neuroth from Ravenwood High School
  • Ms. Lisa Mayo from Motlow State Community College
  • Dr. Derek Frisby from MTSU

We appreciate all of the geographers who attended this conference at Radnor Lake and contributed their time on a Saturday.

Pix by Steve Ward Nov 15th, 2014
Pix by Steve Ward Nov 15th, 2014