Mack Prichard Day – Great American Clean-Up of Otter Creek

March 31st has been declared Mack Prichard day by Governor Bill Lee. Mack was the first State Archaeologist and then the first State Naturalist for Tennessee State Parks. His work was fundamental in establishing more than 40 state parks & state natural areas. He continues to serve as an inspiration for people to support, visit and love natural spaces and cultural resources. He used his abilities to preserve the spaces he loved, not just for himself, but for the benefit of us all.

In honor of this special day, Radnor Lake held 3 special events in Mack’s honor. This afternoon at 2pm, 18 volunteers joined us for a stream clean up of Otter Creek in honor of Mack Prichard Day at Radnor Lake and to celebrate the Great American Clean Up at Radnor Lake. Thank you to all our volunteers who came out to help us clean up otter creek and improve our water quality. Special thanks to Friends of Radnor Lake for providing bags, tools, etc. for our special volunteer clean up hike!