Mack Prichard Day at Radnor Lake

Today we celebrate Mack Prichard Day across Tennessee State Parks! At Radnor Lake, three special things have been offered for visitors to participate in for this special occasion in our second year of focused programming efforts in honor of Mack.

First, we started off today with a 7am birding hike led by Ranger Matthew Bowling for visitors to attend. We also had a special Barbara J. Mapp Aviary Center Tour for visitors to attend in Mack’s honor and last, visitors can view Tennessee Wildside’s segment on Mack that they revised in his honor for us to show on loop all day at the Walter Criley Visitor Center.

Thank you to all of our visitors who attended the 7am birding hike and the 10am aviary tour on this special day!

Photo Credit: Steve Ward
Photo Credit: Steve Ward
Photo Credit: Matthew Bowling