Greater Nashville Church Volunteers At Radnor Lake


It was a rainy and overcast day on Saturday, March 14th, but you would not have known it from the enthusiasm and energy witnessed of the 29 volunteers, mostly teenagers, who descended on Radnor Lake State Park to help prepare the trails for citizens of Nashville as we head into the busy outdoor summer recreational season.  As part of the Teen Service Weekend, teens from Nashville and as far away as Atlanta, GA visited the Music City to participate in the event organized and sponsored by the Greater Nashville Church in Antioch.  It was a great opportunity to give back to the community as a way of showing our gratitude and thanks for all the blessings that we receive from our great God.

During the course of the afternoon, guests of Radnor Lake State Park frequently expressed thanks for all the hard work, as the teens could be seen hauling wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow of mulch through the muddy trail to assist in preparation for all the walkers and hikers that will utilize the paths in the weeks and months to come.  The scenery around the lake is a beautiful area, and it was our privilege to be a part of enhancing and preserving the area that God has blessed us with to appreciate and enjoy.  We would like to give special thanks to the Radnor Lake State Park staff for allowing us to come in and help out for the afternoon as we look forward to using this as a catalyst to continually serve others as we are called to do.