Granny White Market Moograss Jam Raises Record $30k

Ten years ago, the Purple Cow Moograss Jam was a simple little bluegrass jam brought together by Dan Smith and Debra Brawner, owners of Granny White Market since 1996. “The first couple of years we spent more on the jam than we took in,” Dan recalls.On Saturday, May 25, the 10th Anniversary of the jam coincided with the 100th Anniversary of the Granny White Market, as well as, the 40th Anniversary of Friends of Radnor Lake. The festival raised a record $30,000 to benefit Radnor Lake. Dan remembers growing up in the area and riding his bike around Radnor Lake with his brothers and friends. “I loved it then and later, as a Boy Scout, I helped raise money to save Radnor,” said Dan. “It’s something I remember being proud of. I have never stopped wanting to support it. My son and daughter served as junior rangers there for a few years and volunteered on clean-up days. My whole family hikes there and we feel it is incumbent upon us to protect what we love so much.” Demetria Kalodimos, WSMV-TV news anchor and an avid Radnor Lake devotee, was once again emcee.
“We, of course, could not do it without the musicians donating their talent and time,” Dan said.

-Susan Chapman