Exploring the patterns of beavers at Radnor Lake with Dr. Robert Loeb from Penn State University

On Saturday, May 6th at 10am we had a very special program by our friend Dr. Robert Loeb from Penn State University. This hike lasted 2+ hours as 7 visitors and Ranger Brandon Jarratt attended this field discussion on how beavers have changed the forests around Radnor Lake with Dr. Robert Loeb.

Dr. Loeb’s hike on the lake trail at Radnor Lake to the east end of the Lake to highlight the research conducted at Radnor Lake between Tennessee State Parks, Tennessee Division of Natural Areas, Friends of Radnor Lake and Penn State University. Dr. Loeb’s research on the beaver population has been the foundation of our trail development and the 2021 Lake Trail Bridges Project funded by Friends of Radnor Lake.

Special thanks to our 7 visitors who attended this hike, Friends of Radnor Lake for providing annual funding for our vegetative research and supporting this partnership at Radnor Lake and to Dr. Robert Loeb for his time over the past 17+ years of leading our vegetative research at the natural area!

Photo Credit: Steve Ward