Explore the patterns of beavers at Radnor Lake with Dr. Robert Loeb

He is back! On Saturday, October 7th at 10am-Noon will be a special program by our friend Dr. Robert Loeb from Penn State University.

Dr. Loeb will be discussing our research partnership focusing on the beaver population, plant life and the importance of beavers to the health of Radnor Lake State Natural Area supported by research by Dr. Loeb at the natural area over the past 16+ years.

The anticipated impact upon our tree populations, past research on our beaver population, endangered plant species and the results of that research partnership funded by Friends of Radnor Lake that he helped us strategically rerouting the eastern portion of the Lake Trail in September 2021.

Dr. Loeb will lead this fall hike on the lake trail at Radnor Lake to the east end of the Lake to highlight the research conducted at Radnor Lake between Tennessee State Parks, Tennessee Division of Natural Areas, Friends of Radnor Lake and Penn State University. Dr. Loeb’s research on the beaver population has been the foundation of our trail development and the 2021 Lake Trail Bridges Project funded by Friends of Radnor Lake.

Participants should plan to walk off trail with Dr. Loeb to view current beaver activity, research tagged trees and the anticipated expansion of wetlands in this area to improve the water quality at the natural area while also providing unique wildlife observation opportunities for all of us in the future. Hike is considered moderate-approximately 2.5 miles. Registration is required. Ages 14 and up.

Special thanks to Friends of Radnor Lake for providing annual funding for our vegetative research and supporting this partnership at Radnor Lake and to Dr. Robert Loeb for his time over the past 16+ years of leading our vegetative research at the natural area!

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Photo Credit: Steve Ward