Current conditions at Radnor Lake

Pictured above:  Current conditions of Otter Creek Road, East side off of Franklin Road.

Radnor Lake is open but park management  is advising park visitors to expect limited parking and slippery conditions over the coming week.


Regardless of snow amounts, all park rules and regulations still apply including designated parking only. Roads, sidewalks and trail bridges are not treated with salt and visitors should plan accordingly.


Park visitors are encouraged not to use the east parking area unless they have AWD or 4WD due to current winter weather road conditions.  (Pictured above)


With the weather breaking, we are trying to steer everyone to west parking area if possible as roads are in much better condition there.


However, overflow parking at west parking area is closed to vehicles due to slick conditions and visitor safety until conditions improve over the next 72 hours.

Park visitors should expect for slippery conditions as snow melts in all 7+ miles of trails and also trails to be muddy for all of next week due to the large amount of precipitation this past week.


Any park visitor who does not want to get their shoes dirty should hike on the paved-gravel surfaces only and are asked to hike on our established trails.


Thank you in advance for your assistance!