Birding Class at Radnor Lake

Join Ranger Matthew Bowling for a 4-week class on birding by ear and sight. Each day will consist of a bird walk followed by a classroom period.

This class is intended for individuals who already have some basic knowledge of birds found in our area or have taken a beginner’s birding class before. In this class, you will learn bird identification by their song, which is also called “birding by ear,” as well as identification by sight. You will be trained to locate and recognize birds by their song, especially those with colorful songs and the wood warblers, some of whom are seasonal migrants who stay for only a brief visit. Radnor Lake is the ideal place to find and study songbirds, and we will take advantage of this by offering instructor-led bird walks that are specifically tailored to this class.

Please make sure to wear suitable attire for the hike, including proper footwear, comfortable clothing, and a water bottle to stay hydrated throughout the journey. Binoculars are necessary for the hike. However, in case you do not have one, you can contact Ranger Matthew Bowling for a loaner pair. Also, it is recommended that you bring some snacks along as the class is four hours.

Class dates: Thursdays April 18th, 25th & May 2nd, 9th. Cost is $50 per person.

First meeting: Thursday, April 18th, from 8 AM – 12:00 noon, in the visitor center meeting room

BIRD WALKS BEFORE CLASS starting Thursday, April 18th, begin at 8:00 AM. with classroom study from 10 AM to 12 Noon.

Class size is limited to 20 participants.

Students will also be encouraged to participate in separately sponsored local bird outings such as NTOS Wednesday morning walks at Radnor Lake, bird walks at Metro Parks, and outings sponsored by TOS and Audubon, etc.

To register, please go to: