American Eagle Day at Radnor Lake 2019

June 20
Come join us for a special day at the Barbara J. Mapp Aviary Education Center as we celebrate American Eagle Day and also celebrate the completion of the flighted eagle aviary. For the first time since their arrival in December 2018, the 550′ boardwalk will be opening to viewing with all of our new resident eagles on-site and acclimated to their new homes at Radnor Lake. The Barbara J. Mapp Aviary Education Center opened on May 1st, 2015. Since that time, thanks to funding from the Barbara J. Mapp Foundation and Friends of Radnor Lake we have been working to raise funds, complete construction of the flighted eagle aviary and acclimate these injured-non releasable bald eagles to their new home. The aviary center is now fully occupied with 1 Great Horned Owl, 1 Red Tailed Hawk, 1 Black Vulture, 1 Golden Eagle, 1 Immature Eagle and 2 mature bald eagles. Interpretive programming by the park staff will be provided throughout the open house hours including walking tours and birds of prey glove programs. Refreshments will be provided by Friends of Radnor Lake.
Meet at:
Barbara J. Mapp Aviary Education Center at Radnor Lake