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Park Security

Project Details

The mission of Radnor Lake State Park and State Natural Area centers around “safe hiking and wildlife viewing for everyone.” The safety of our visitors is considered every day with every program in every part of the park.

A safe park is achieved by hiring highly qualified park staff and ensuring they are properly trained for the job; keeping the park trails, walkways, and bridges well maintained and clear of debris; managing and protecting the waterways in order to provide a healthy habitat for the wildlife; and communicating with our visitors about how to stay safe and how to keep others safe.

The State of Tennessee budget provides for the vast majority of these needs of the park and creates protocols for safe operations, including during times of crisis, like during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Radnor Lake park staff manages the park in an exemplary way. All 1,400 acres of Radnor Lake State Natural Area are monitored by Park Rangers. The park is secured at night and boundaries are monitored.

Friends of Radnor Lake supports the park’s focus on safety with coordinated communication through e-mail and social media messages, by providing for volunteers and interns to assist with maintenance, and by working in partnership with the park to secure funding for safety measures that are identified as helpful additions.

We are grateful to have a hiking community that heeds the rules and takes care of the park and each other. Thank you all for being responsible caretakers and good friends to Radnor Lake State Natural Area!