Jr. Ranger 2016

Our much anticipated Junior Ranger Intern Program at Radnor Lake will be held again this summer for youth ages 12-18 years old.  This program creates an opportunity for participants to work with state park rangers on trail projects at Radnor Lake, increase their exposure to environmental education programs and gain an insight into natural resource protection.
This is a labor intensive collaborative effort between the Friends of Radnor Lake, the Radnor Lake Staff, park volunteers and the Jr. Ranger Interns.  Most days consist of hiking a minimum of 3 miles, hauling mulch, gravel and/or other trail supplies along the trail system at Radnor Lake for trail improvements.
Lunch is provided and two t-shirts are provided by Friends of Radnor Lake for each participant.
As we did in 2016, Sessions this year will be 6 days each with a total of three sessions due to high volume of applicants last year.
Registration and general information on the program are listed below:
Session 1:  June 13th thru June 18th
Session 2:  June 25th thru July 1st (June 26th – off)
Session 3:  July 18th thru July 23rd
Each participant will receive a $20 per day stipend from Friends of Radnor Lake, which will be paid to each Jr. Ranger for each day attending the program.  Attendance each day of the session an applicant is signed up for is mandatory for all 6 days.  If an applicant cannot attend all 6 days, they will need to apply for a session which they can attend all 6 days we anticipate more applications than we can accommodate for these three sessions.
Standard schedule will be 9am-4pm, however that is subject to changed based on weather and/or the ranger staff’s schedule in managing the natural area’s needs on a day to day basis.
Each applicant should send an email to Lyndy Maness at Lyndy.Maness@tn.gov with the following 5 pieces of information:

  1. Title of email should be “Jr. Ranger Intern Candidate 2016”
  2. Name of applicant
  3. Age
  4. Grade level they will be entering in Fall 2016
  5. If they have applied for the Radnor Lake Jr. Ranger Intern Program in the past and/or if they have been in the program. If so, what year.
  6. Session(s) in order of preference they are applying for this summer.

Given our high volume of applicants the past few years, this year registration will not be in person or by phone.  Each applicant will submit an email to Lyndy Maness and then applicants will be chosen by a committee to participate in the program.  Unsuccessful applicants will receive priority for the 2017 Jr. Ranger Intern Program.
Email applications for the Jr. Ranger Intern Program will be accepted starting on April 15th  and ending on April 23rd.   Any applications sent before or after that time will not be considered for this year’s program. Each applicant either successful and/or unsuccessful for this year’s program will be notified on Monday, May 2nd.