Invasive Species


Invasive species are non-native plants that have the ability to out-compete native plant life. This limits biodiversity, creating monocultural forests that smother the native ecosystem.

What can I do in my yard to help stop the spread of invasive plants around Radnor Lake?

Take a look around your yard. If you see any plants that match the ones in the brochure, you can take action! The best way to ensure the plant dies is to pull it up by the roots and dispose of the plant. If that is not possible, cut the plant off as close to the ground as possible. If more shoots sprout up the following years, cut them off as well. Eventually the plant will die. Herbicides, such as Roundup, are useful as well. The best way to learn more is to come to one of the programs on invasive plant control at the Radnor Lake Visitor Center. In addition, groups can request a program to be held at the Visitor Center. The best way to get hands-on experience in eliminating invasive plants is to come to our October through April Volunteer Days held the 4th Saturday of each month from 8am-noon.



SOURCE: Invasive Plants: Guide to Identification and the Impacts and Control of Common North American Species, Sylvan Ramsey Kaufman & Wallace Kaufman. Stackpole Books, 2007.
Grant funding for invasive plant education and removal provided by USDA Forest Service-Southern Region and TN Dept of Agriculture-Division of Forestry.