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Spring 2017
Wildfire Update April 7, 2017
April 5th, 2017 Wildfire on Ganier Ridge Response. Pix by Steve Ward

On Wednesday, April 5th a wildfire occurred along the Ganier Ridge Trail at Radnor Lake. Approximately 1 acre burned in the area adjacent to bench #41 with tree tops on fire as high as 30 feet. Wind gust of 40 mph and the remote location of this wildfire created some challenges for the ranger staff and other responders working in the dark to ensure it did not get outside the fire containment area.   Metro Fire Dept, Metro Police, Metro Parks

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Motlow College visits Radnor Lake Aviary
Motlow College visits Radnor Lake Aviary.  Picture by Kevin Fitch

On April 4, 2017, Motlow College Environmental Science Students participated in a field trip to the Radnor Lake State Natural Area (Barbara J. Mapp) Aviary Education Center to learn about the biology of Tennessee's birds of prey and reptiles and amphibians.  Ranger Dustin Crowell lead the trip, providing expert guidance regarding the State's animal populations.  Ranger Crowell has been at Radnor Lake for four years and has been involved in raptor

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