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Harris Ridge Now Forever Under State Protection

by Steve Ward, Park Manager Save Harris Ridge was our push since 2010 in an effort to preserve a beautiful 37-acre tract along the southeastern boundary of the natural area. What took a culmination of more than nine years, has been successfully placed under state protection forever! The acquisition of this ridgetop became a perfect example of how acquiring land, even in less-than-ideal economic times, can be done by working together—with landowners

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Trail Leads to Historic Valve-House

by Steve Ward, Park Manager Last fall Radnor Lake volunteers and staff celebrated the opening of the Historic Valve-House Trail at Radnor Lake. This project has been years in the making, with the actual construction of the trail beginning in January 2012. Volunteers, including MTSU students, REI staff, Friends of Radnor Lake board members and park staff, worked side-by-side in constructing this new trail. The Historic Valve-House Trail is a rare

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Water Quality Study Complete

by Lee Boggs In our continued effort to preserve and protect the Radnor Lake State Natural Area, Friends of Radnor Lake initiated an extensive eight-year water quality assessment with supporting funding from a CSX railroad environmental education grant. The need for this study was related to the increasing suburban development in the Radnor Lake watershed, public concern for lake health and the need to promote public awareness of potential threats

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Maintaining Our Trail System

Radnor Report by Steve Ward, Park Manager Maintaining the trail system at Radnor Lake takes planning, cooperation and countless hours of hard work by the ranger staff and volunteers. With more than 1 million visitors a year, the trails literally take a beating. Mulching trails at Radnor began years ago with the Lake and Spillway trails. In the past 10 years, the project has expanded to include the Access, South Lake and Valve-House trails and parts

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Radnor Lake Aviary Project

The Barbara J. Mapp Foundation Grant Awarded to RLSNA by Steve Ward, Park Manager [caption id="attachment_1786" align="alignright" width="300"] Radnor staff and members of the aviary team work on the future site details of the Aviary Education Center at Radnor Lake.[/caption] After many years on my “wish list,” Radnor Lake will have an aviary. The project is a culmination of more than two years of partnering with The Barbara J. Mapp Foundation,

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President’s Message

Dear friends, During the winter, Radnor shows us her structural foundation. For those visitors who look out across the hills and ridges, the shape of the land is revealed, allowing us to better understand what my wife, the garden designer, would call the “bones of the garden.” Focusing on Radnor Lake State Natural Area’s “bones” helps us understand the reason we have worked so hard to preserve viewshed and watershed around its borders.

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