Trees To Trails

Trees_to_Trails_Pix_#1_Clean_Earth (1)

Clean Earth Staff chipping donated trees dropped off by visitors at west parking lot on Jan. 15th.

Pix_by_S.Ward_2014_123 (1)Pix_by_S.Ward_2014_115Pix_by_S.Ward_2014_122Volunteers spreading recycled Christmas Tree Mulch on the Spillway Trail at Radnor Lake on Jan. 25th, 2014. Pix by Ranger Leslie Anne Rawlings



No longer accepting Christmas Trees until December 2014 

Clean Earth Collections is donating their time and equipment to turn your trees into mulch for the trails. To make the process safe every tree should meet the following requirements:

NO Nails or Bolts

NO Metal hooks or wire of any kind

NO Stands or Partial Stands including Nails, Bolts or Wood

NO Frosted Trees–Chemicals harm the lake!

NO Ornaments, Lights, Tinsel or Decorations

NO Wreaths or Garland

Each donation must be free of the above because it damages the chipper or litters the trail. Violators will be cited for illegal dumping

Thank You for taking the time to assure that your donation is safe.