Recent Bird Sightings

Great Egrets at Radnor Lake State Natural Area (August 26th, 2016)

Over the past week, park rangers have been conducted spotting scope programs for park visitors along Otter Creek Road due to the arrival of two Great Egrets.  These shallow wading birds are only seen at Radnor Lake 1-2 times a year. Much like the bald eagle sightings on the lake, these unique wildlife opportunities only 6 miles from the state capitol highlight the importance of protecting natural areas such as Radnor Lake which provides wildlife

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Radnor Lake Bald Eagle Spotting Scope Program on August 6th, 2016

Picture Above by Bob Belser   During the past week, a mature bald eagle has been hanging out at Radnor Lake.  For 3 hours on Saturday, August 6th spotting scope programs were conducted by Ranger Paul Schauer for park visitors along Otter Creek Road. Over 300 visitors got to see this mature bald eagle on the lake on Saturday through the spotting scope on Otter Creek Road. During the upcoming week, the park ranger staff will be conducting spotting

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