MTSU Radnor Lake Oral History Project

MTSU students investigate special “sense of place”

Radnor Lake is a quiet and peaceful retreat in a busy city, but it owes its existence to the once very noisy and bustling steam engines that ran through the Midstate. Dr. Doug Heffington and students asked people about what makes it so special.

Radnor’s Oral History/Geography Project

Dr. Douglas Heffington, Department of Geosciences, MTSU

Since the early 2000s, students in Geography classes at Middle Tennessee State University, in conjunction with Radnor Lake State Natural Area, have been conducting interviews with people closely associated with the natural area.

These people are familiar with the area’s history and the evolution of the natural area, have conducted field trips or research within the area, or simply enjoyed what nature has to offer within the area’s boundaries. In their own words, these informants have shared their rich knowledge and close ties to the natural area, providing insight into their Radnor “sense of place.”

Their spoken words are invaluable and non-renewable resources, resources that are integral components in the understanding of the natural and cultural landscapes of Radnor Lake State Natural Area.

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